October 31st, 2012

Oona Ellibeans in Ellifolks Etsy Shop

Oona Ellibeans

Oona Ellibeans, a little whimsical mohair doll is now available in my Etsy Shop. You can see her here.

Oona is hand dyed and shaded. She has a super big mohair head, a crooked smile, and a ffluffy mohair skirt. Oona sports cotton floss pigtails. her eyes are vintage mother of pearl buttons. Oona […]

October 8th, 2012

New Acrylic and Digital Painting Prints in Etsy Shop

Circus Dreams

Circus Dreams

I have added two prints to my Etsy shop. “Circus Dreams”started with an acrylic painting for the background. It was scanned into my computer and transferred to my iPad. I used the paint app, Procreate to create the rest of the imagery. Then I used two photography apps, Halftone and […]