May 27th, 2013

New Digital Paintings and Iphoneography in Ellifolks Etsy Shop

I have added five new pieces – four digital paintings and an Iphoneography photograph to my Etsy shop.  If you click on the images, it will take you to their page in my Etsy shop.

Flowers for Bunny digital painting by Ellifolks

Flowers for Bunny

Go For A Walk digital painting by Ellifolks

Go For A Walk

Picking Autumn Flowers digital painting by Ellifolks

Picking Autumn Flowers

Talking To My Dog digital painting by Ellifolks

Talking To My Dog

Mintie Doll Iphone Photograph by Ellifolks

Mintie Doll



April 2nd, 2013

New Prints in Ellifolks Etsy Shop

I have added three new prints to my Etsy Shop.

In the Afternoon print

In the Afternoon

“In the Afternoon” is a digital painting made on the iPad.  It includes some of my favorite subject matter – a chair and flowers, and has a feeling of calm relaxing in the midst of some chaos.  Here is it’s Etsy page.

Get Down Cat print

Get Down Cat!

“Get Down Cat!” is a digital painting also made on the iPad.  Again there is a chair and flowers.  A mischievous cat is not about to give up her comfy spot on the back of the chair.
Here is it’s Etsy page.

6 Doll Heads - photo collage print

6 Doll Heads

“6 Doll Heads” started out as a photo of one of my original dolls taken with my iPhone.  I manipulated the photo in several photo editing apps and combined six images into one iphoneography photo collage.  Here is its Etsy page.


December 26th, 2012

Illustration Friday – Glow

Illustration Friday - Glow

Convergence of the Glow Worms

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Glow”. This was created using the SketchClub app on the iPad. I saw Unihorse’s wonderful Sketch Club app vector tool tutorial and have been experimenting with it.  It’s a lot of fun, but takes a little getting used to.

SketchClub has a recording feature that can record your painting as you create it.  you can see a video recording of some of the work with the vector tool I did for on the “glow” painting on YouTube here.


December 17th, 2012

Illustration Friday – Snow

Illustration Friday - snow

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “snow”.   Digital drawing using Procreate app on the iPad.

November 5th, 2012

Tutorial – IPad And ArtRage for Help with Painting Design Decisions

painting in progress before putting into ArtRage app

painting in progress before putting into ArtRage app

I like using the iPad for decision making when I get stuck on where to go next in the painting process in acrylic painting.  This technique can be used for any art medium. I  I use either the ArtRage or Procreate apps.   In this tutorial, I am using ArtRage.

To get the painting into the iPad, I take a photo with my iPhone or iPad of the painting trying to get close enough so the painting covers as much of the painting as possible.

I open a new painting in the ArtRage iPad  app.  Below is a screenshot of the ArtRage interface with a new blank painting.  As you are working, the row of tools and the color picker will disappear when you click on the active tool and color giving you more canvas to view and work with.

ArtRage canvas with blank document

ArtRage canvas with blank document

Then I import the photo of the painting into ArtRage.  Click on the second to right bottom icon to import the photo.  It comes into the program as a tracing image at 40% opacity.   To see the painting at full opacity, click on “Convert to Paint” under tracing options.  Tracing options is the third icon from top in the same bottom icon.  It looks like three horizontal lines one below the other.

painting brought into ArtRage -click on "Convert to Paint"

painting brought into ArtRage -click on “Convert to Paint”

Then click on the eye icon , and the painting will show at full opacity.

click on eye icon

click on eye icon

I add a new layer above the painting so I am not working directly on the painting. The fourth icon fron the right on the bottom of the ArtRage interface is the layers icon.  I paint on new layers, keeping objects and new painted effects on separate layers.  This way I can turn on or off the visibility for each layer to see what I like or don’t like.

Adding new layer to paint on

Adding new layer to paint on

I generally use the watercolor or oil brushes, but may also use crayons and color pencils.  Each brush has several settings for different paint looks.  You can change size and properties of each brush by clicking the two left bottom icons.  Both control different brush properties.

For this painting, I was unsure if I wanted to add a planter and flowers.  I added a planter on the floor.  Then I added flowers and a plant — all on separate layers.  I turned on and off the visibility on the various layers and saved versions or took screen shots of the various versions.  Although the added objects will not look the same when added to the painting, they are similar enough to help me decide if I think they will be good additions.

trying out pot and flowers - each object is on separate layer

trying out pot and flowers – each object is on separate layer

Here is the finished painting.  You can see that I did add the planter, but not the flowers and plant.  I also experimented with adding layers of color to certain areas and did so on the painting itself.

finished painting

finished painting


October 31st, 2012

Oona Ellibeans in Ellifolks Etsy Shop

Oona Ellibeans, a little whimsical mohair doll is now available in my Etsy Shop.  You can see her here.

Oona is hand dyed and shaded.  She has a super big mohair head, a crooked smile, and a ffluffy mohair skirt.  Oona sports cotton floss pigtails.  her eyes are vintage mother of pearl buttons.  Oona has hand dyed wool felt arms that are thread jointed.  Her legs are purple hand dyed wool felt.  Please come visit her!

October 8th, 2012

New Acrylic and Digital Painting Prints in Etsy Shop

Circus Dreams

Circus Dreams

I have added two prints to my Etsy shop“Circus Dreams”started with an acrylic painting for the background.  It was scanned into my computer and transferred to my iPad.  I used the paint app, Procreate to create the rest of the imagery.  Then I used two photography apps, Halftone and Blender to get the final image.

The second print, “Girl with Saucer Flowers”, is a digital print made on the iPad using the paint app, Procreate.

I like to use many layers and a variety of brushes to get depth and complexity in my digital paintings.  I’d love to have you come take a look.

Girl with Saucer Flowers

Girl with Saucer Flowers